Saturday, October 13, 2012

Head Shave Part II: Photos

“Happiness is not a state to arrive at – but a manner of traveling.” 
– Margaret Lee Runbeck

My dear friend, Jennifer, took these photos yesterday when my Mom, Aunt Helen, Kirsten, Brianne, and I visited Salon Monique in Canton for my head shave. There is so much to reflect on from this experience, and I will write much more about it soon. For now, I will share these photos, which speak so much on their own. Then I'll go lie back down. Because early this morning, I experienced the first real side effects of the chemo. Brian lied awake with me. He took care of me and told me that if I throw up, at least he doesn't have to hold my hair back. And when he looked worried, I reminded him that this rough night was great proof that the medicine is working. Because I know that it is.    

Out of the goodness of her own heart, Monique has created a space at her salon for moments like this.  I am forever grateful. 

I had no idea that Kirsten came with a bag of tricks. But I should have expected it. 

Having some fun with Kirsten's old Halloween costumes.

My Auntie Helen.

Brianne (in case you couldn't tell). 

Me and Monique before she started my haircut. 

The first sound of the buzzer.

So that's what the back of my head looks like. Huh.

Me and Jennifer, with the hat that Jennifer gave me.

Trying on my wig.


  1. Hello Ms talbot,
    You are the most amazing woman I know. I have been reading your blogs daily and it always put my day into perspective. Your writting is so natural,(and funny)so real that when Im reading I can hear your voice in my head. You are truely one of kind! You are always in my thoughts. By the way you have never looked more beautiful than you do now! Have a great day and talk to soon.

  2. Tara, you really look beautiful. Stay strong!

  3. Tara, you look as beautiful as ever! You are such an inspiration and such a strong woman!!!Keep that chin up!!! Sending prayers and hugs your way every day!! xoxo

  4. This is my first comment on Tara's blog. This summer I had the pleasure of having Teddy alone in my car with me for an hour ride to Falmouth. Teddy is quite the conversationalist and at some point during this ride we got to talking about sports (which as you already know occupy most of his day). He was asking me who was the strongest person he knew and on his list were options like: Seamus, Auntie Woof, Uncle Sean, Go-Go, Papa, and of course his Dad. I told him that without a shadow of a doubt the strongest person was his mother. He did not immediately balk at the answer, but instead in his own thoughtful way asked me why. I explained that strength comes in all "shapes and sizes" and that some day he would understand why his mom was without a doubt the strongest person he would ever know. He accepted that. And the courage, grace, and caring way Tara is taking this journey she never thought she would have to take, proves beyond a doubt SHE is the strongest. Her chemotherapy and hair shaving photos are proof.
    Love Infinity, Mom

  5. Your inner and outer beauty shines through in these pictures. You continue to inspire me with your courage.

  6. Tara,

    Only you make bald so beautiful...I admire your courage- your Mom said it all- you are incredibly strong. Love your picts.

  7. Tara, what a good idea to make such a fun event out of your head-shave! It sure beats just watching it all fall out. My mom chose to let hers fall out on its own when she had chemo - and she mourned over every hair. You make it look like FUN and that you took charge! :) I think we all secretly wonder what we would look like with our heads shaven. You look like a movie star! It accentuates your beautiful eyes and smile. Love you lots, courageous one...

  8. You look gorgeous. Your smile shines distracts from any lack of hair.

  9. You remind me of myself and my sense of humour going through chemo and not always being down but having good days too! Would love to stay in touch and share notes lol!
    My bone cancer blog:
    Love Becki x